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This site is completely free, and dedicated to swinging in the USA and other countries. If you are a swinger or simply interested in learning more about swinging then you have arrived at the right place. You'll find a photo ads system where you can browse other swingers adverts and/or place one of your own. A live chatroom is also available for people to load up and chat to each other about swinging in a real time chat room. We also have a lot of members around the USA and around the world. So, the swingers should find all you need here.


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Sent in by Paisley Dude

I was keen to follow the instructions exactly. I thought it was little unusual but Debbie had been quite precise in her e-mails to me. I arrived at the house a little after ten am. The door was left open for me and I made my way slowly to the master bedroom. I was feeling a little nervous but Debbie had assured me that every thing would work out fine and this is how they had fun.

I entered the bedroom. They were both waiting for me. The male, I wasn?t allowed to know his name, was naked and tied to a wooden chair with his hands behind his back. He looked at me nervously. Debbie sat in the corner. She was older than me, which I like and quite good-looking. She had on a little black dress, which was hitched up to just below her pussy. I smiled at her but as per her instruction said nothing. She opened her legs slightly giving me a glimpse of her white panties. She smiled and ran her fingers the full length of her leg.

Finishing by allowing her fingers to gently brush against the white silk material. Debbie stood up and positioned herself directly in front of her husband. I moved behind her and dropped to my knees. Letting my hands caress her lovely legs and slip under her dress. I pulled her panties down to just above her knees. She stood there smiling at her husband with her panties around her thighs as I let my hands wander over the soft curves of her bottom. Her lovely curves were making me hard and I really wanted to let my tongue slip between her legs and lick her pussy, which was now making a squelching sound as I massaged her bottom. I sniffed deeply and her natural odour which made me harder still. I stood up behind her, moving my hand between her legs from behind, my fingers moving in a circular motion around her pussy. She was soaking wet and obviously enjoying the attention. She lifted the front of her skirt to show her husband what I was doing. She squirmed and let out little grunts.

Her husband didn?t look very happy and I was beginning to think this was a punishment for him. Debbie said, ? keep watching? to her husband as she dropped to her knees and undid my trousers. Gently she pulled them over my hips revealing my cock, which was now throbbing with excitement and standing proud. Now, I don?t have the biggest cock in the world but it did me proud that day. Debbie slipped my cock into her mouth and began to suck away eagerly on it. The shaft moving in and out and at times the full length of it inside her. She cupped and rubbed my balls as she did this. It was a magnificent feeling, her husband sitting watching, while Debbie gave my cock a most enjoyable sucking.

Debbie stopped, moved round onto all fours, and lifted her dress over her lovely plump rear, exposing a lovely back view of her soft pink pussy. She turned her head towards me. There was a real look of devilment in her eyes. ?Fuck me now? she commanded My cock was desperate to be inside her but I resisted the urge to thrust it right into her. I moved the engorged head around the outside of her pussy. Letting it rub gently on her clit. I did this for a few minutes until her pussy was almost begging me inside. Finally I pushed the head home. The full length of my cock slipped easily inside her. I moved in a gentle rhythm which she seemed to be enjoying. Every now and then she would look at her husband and I though I saw him give her a little smile. I couldn?t help noticing the his cock was rock hard and bigger than mine the lucky sod.

My balls were ready to burst and I increased my speed. There was a loud slapping noise as my cock banged in and out of her pussy. Debbie groaned and squealed in such a delight full way that I had to cum immediately. As per my Instructions I withdrew my cock and spurted a fresh load hot cum all over back. I was spent. I dressed and began to make my way out, still saying nothing. As I reached the door I glanced behind. They were both smiling and looked happy. I hoped I had managed to help them enjoy their fantasy.

Free swingers stories
First Time Swingers!
My husband Dennis had been talking about swinging for some time, I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, as I kept telling him I thought it would be better as a fantasy rather than bringing it to reality, boy was I wrong. I finally gave in to his request and we decided to attend a new swingers club that had just opened in Sydney. When we arrived at the club the hostess suggested we have a look around the club and may like to have a drink in the lounge, we got ourselves a drink and found a comfy lounge to watch the passing parade. After a short time another couple joined us, he (James) was a little older than us and very well dressed and she(Corrine) was about my age (mid 30's). We sat and talked for a while and found that we had much in common, Dennis suggested another bottle of wine and left to go to the bar, I said I would give him a hand. While waiting to be served Dennis and I discussed how we thought it was going, I asked Dennis if he would mind me screwing James if he asked, Dennis looked at me smiled and said "that's what we are here for, if you want to go for it." When we returned to our lounge we found James & Corrine had changed around the way we were sitting, James suggested that I sit with him and Dennis sit with Corrine, so we obliged, the four of us sat and talked for a little while longer and then James asked me if I would like to go somewhere more private, I looked at Dennis and he said "up to you Cindy", James stood up and took my hand and asked me to follow him, walking away from the lounge area I looked back to see Dennis and Corrine laughing and chatting, James led me into a private room and closed the curtain behind us, he put his hand around my waist and started kissing me on the back of my neck and nibbling my ears, James slid his hand up and grasped my boobs, all I could do was sigh and press against him, I could not believe how hot I was getting, I hadn't been with another man since I married my husband and was very nervous, but very horny, James squeezing my boobs was driving me crazy, so I undid my to top and placed his hands on my bra and he quickly worked his hands under it and started pinching my nipples, shit I was so horny, enough was enough, I wanted it and wanted it now. I pulled away from James and undressed, James took the opportunity to do the same, he led me to the bed and gently sat me down and started sucking my aching nipples, I couldn't believe how easy I was with the whole situation less than a hour ago I didn't know this man and now he's sucking my tits and I knew shortly we would be fucking like wild animals, I decided to take charge and pushed James onto his back and grabbed his cock in my hand and to my delight found he was circumcised and a little bigger that my husband, I knelt over him and rubbed his semi hard cock over my tits, it felt so good, I lay down beside him and pulled his cock to my mouth, at the same time James pushed two fingers into my pussy, I licked the tip of his cock and then opened my mouth and took him deep inside and started to give him the best I could offer all the while he was finger fucking me, I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it, I was so horny and he tasted wonderful in my mouth, I could feel his cock twitching against my tongue and knew he was close to cumming so I stopped and lay back on the bed, James grabbed me on the thighs and pulled me up and onto his hard cock and slid deep inside my wet wet pussy and started pumping me like a whore, all I could do was thrash around and moan loudly and as I did he pumped harder and faster, I could sense he was close so I locked my ankles around his waist so he couldn't stop, his balls were slapping against me as he started to tense and shot his load into me as I came at the same time. We released each other and lay back to recover, I couldn't believe it, just a short time ago this man was a stranger and now he'd given me the best fuck of my life, I wanted to thank him so I started rubbing his soft penis all over my face and took him into my mouth, my pussy started getting wet again as I could taste my juices on that fantastic cock, by now he was starting to get hard again so it knelt over him and got a little more comfortable, and started a relentless session of cock sucking, I was sliding my mouth down as far as I could before pulling back to the tip, sucking faster and faster I could here him moan and tried to get him deeper into my mouth, I stopped for a moment and looked up at him and asked if he could fill my mouth with cum, he smiled and told me to keep going and he would see what he could do. I returned to that great cock sliding it deeper into my mouth than any other cock I'd every had, deeper and faster, faster and deeper, then James cock started to flinch against my tongue, James grabbed my head and thrust his hips upwards driving him into my throat and shot what seemed like a gallon of cum into my mouth, I locked my lips around his cock not wanting to lose any of it, I slid him out of my mouth and tilted my head back and let his hot cum slide down my throat, WOW, my husband has cum in my mouth only once and I didn't swallow and here I was with a stranger doing things I'd only every dreamed about, we dressed in a bath robe and returned to the lounge area and started looking for our partners. I found Dennis sitting by the spa and asked him was he enjoying himself, he told me Corrine and he had a 69 while we were gone, we got our selves a drink and I told Denniswhat James and I had done, Dennis sat starring into my eyes eating up every word. What a night we had, I couldn't believe how much I'd enjoyed it or how easy I was once I was horny, I was only certain of one thing, we would be back again, as the saying goes, This could be the start of something big. Maybe I will write you about our next visit.

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