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"What Is The Swinging Lifestyle All About?"

Swinging, also commonly referred to as, ?The Lifestyle? or as the, ?Swinging Lifestyle?, is a type of sexual practice that usually refers to couples having consensual acknowledged sex with other couples or an individual, usually a woman.
Swinging can be very recreational and incorporate many different couples and/or singles, or a swinging couple can make a commitment to one specific other couple or individual to swing with and get to know, socially and emotionally as well as sexually. Traditionally, swinging refers to heterosexual couples or straight men and bi-curious women, however, swinging is becoming more and more diverse. There are now swinging SMBDers and fetish dressing swingers, as well as gay and lesbian swingers. Different swing clubs will accept different practices, such as, some are open to singles of both genders and bi-curious individuals of both genders while some are still only open to single women and bi-curious women but not single or bi-curious men. Most swing clubs are very open to people of varying size and shape, which provides acceptance to many individuals who may feel discriminated against or put down elsewhere.

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There are many benefits to being a swinger. It provides many members to explore their sexuality and sensuality in new ways that they find are not easily accepted in the more ?vanilla? traditional communities. It is a good way for bi-curious women to explore their potential bisexuality without becoming involved in the lesbian community where they may not feel comfortable or be welcome. Swinging allows both women and men the opportunity to reject monogamy without being cast as sluts, whores, or gigolos. Individuals can also learn a lot more about their sexual interests when not confined restrictively. Once they let go of the taboo of polyamory, swingers can often allow themselves to relax and find out what they really like sexually and not just what society expects them to like. This type of freedom is rare. Swinging can enhance a relationship and the commitment involved in the couple?s relationship. By requiring honesty and communication it emphasizes some of the most important qualities of a healthy relationship. Swinging requires a strong level of trust and security. For some people watching their partner be sexual with others and obviously aroused is very hot and arousing in and of itself. Many people make new friends through the lifestyle. It is a close nit community based on strongly shared beliefs and practices.

There are many myths about swinging. Furthermore, swinging is not appropriate for all individuals and couples. If a relationship is unhealthy or unstable, swinging is likely to tear the couple apart even more. If there is a lack of trust in the relationship, a feeling of insecurity, jealousy, or a lack of honest communication, then swinging is not appropriate. It is not ok for a swinger to cheat on their partner just like it is not ok for an individual involved in a monogamous relationship to cheat. Therefore it is only ok to have illicit affairs as a swinger if all parties agree that the relationship is completely open and that honest and frequent communication is not required in the relationship; this is exceedingly rare in the lifestyle. Traditionally swinging is not about dishonesty, lying, or closed communication. Swinging is not ever meant to promote unsafe, indiscriminant sex. Most swingers are looking for quality sexual and/or sensual experiences and not just frequent sexual encounters with anonymous partners.
23% of women have fantasies of groupsex and sex with different partners. But is it possible to find women which are not afraid to express their sexuality? YES it is! Get all the sex you can handle!
I seek to find real people for real sexual fun in the Milwaukee area only, that means within 80 miles or less from here. I am very bisexual and seek men, women and couples. I work full time and like to have fun with my free time. Nice to know about you before getting together, email is the best way to start then move onto phone chats when we are ready, then meet. Wanting to find real people, not pic collectors. If you would like to know me, then lets chat.
We are a fun bi couple who know what they like;). We have been in the lifestyle for a few years but have had few experiences...the ones we have had have been great! A few foursomes and a few threesomes. We're not put off by single guys if they are honest and not creepy! Couples are great too. We are not into games or cyber sex....we are interested in making something real happen 'cause, after all that is the best! Yikes.....there are so many things that come into play. Attitude is the most important thing to us. If you are happy and secure, we'll probably get along great. We don't have a list of criteria, it just has to feel right for us. This could mean a single gal (yumm.....) or guy..(yummmm....) or a couple (yum..yum!).
We're looking for a couple that is secure in their relationship, is willing to be a bit patient with us as we are still new to the lifestyle. We usually want to get to know people before moving on, but sometimes lightning strikes. We want an attraction to exist, but that's not based only on looks, intelligence and humor go a long way with us.
We both have a great sense of humor and enjoy good conversation. We're a busy couple with small children, so we are discrete and have to plan at least a little ahead. We love to be with our kids, we enjoy working on computers, playing games, movies, and reading.
Hey Guys. It's time for a change. I still want a life full of great friends, an active lifestyle and a positive outlook. I need a little romance. I've got old-fashioned beliefs and hope to find someone to share more intimate desires with. This person should be someone I'd first have as a best friend and then grow into something long term. The old ideals of having a family and a monogamous relationship all sound good to me. Adopting kids has interested me for a few years now. It may never happen but I'd have to say the thought of it makes me smile. I live alone in San Jose with my large dog. I work as a technical artist in the entertainment field. I'm socially adept and can hold my own in an argument, if need be. I tend to be the one at a party making people laugh or having people ask me for recipes or instructions on renovating something. I've traveled half the world and have made many decisions based on my experiences and love of things beyond the United States. Don?t get me wrong, I love the Bay area and take full advantage of its wonderful qualities. Typical weekends can include lounging, dinner parties, road trips, hiking, competitive racing, gardening, renovations or watching a good DVD. I'm training for my 29th marathon. I have a huge variety of interests and have filled many different types of shoes.
A very layback, easy going person who is looking to explore his sexuality after 25 years of monogamous marriage. completely open to anyone who is patient and gentle. discretion is a must. at this stage of the game i am looking to try it all. Someone or someones who are open minded, clean, discrete and honor borders and boundries. Who are like me, ready to explore all that the lifestyle has to offer. Willing to experiment. Like the closeness that intimate contact has to offer.
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