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Sometimes it gets old just swapping partners. When you go to parties that the same couples attend and you have sex with them is almost like being married. That's why when a new couple attends; everyone is just about standing in line to have sex with them. A few couples try to make it a little more interesting in playing games. One party that Debbie and I attended was one of those. There were about four couples at this particular party and one was new. It was held at Greg and Lisa's house. The new couple's names were Bobby and Melissa. The other two couple's names were Byron and Cindy and Rick and Joyce. The new couple was from out of town and was friends of Byron and Cindy. They had not yet swung with them as they just met them on the internet and invited them to the party.

Greg suggested that we have a pussy eating contest and the first gal that would cum, then the guy would be the winner. So the gals lined up on the couch and loveseat and us guys picked a number that each gal had. If you picked your own wife, then we would pick numbers again. I was lucky enough to pick Melissa. Byron picked Joyce, Rick picked Lisa and Bobby picked Debbie. Melissa had a nice body with not large but firm tits and a nicely trimmed pussy with blonde hair. I don't like a shaved pussy. I like to rub my face on a gal's pubic hair especially if it is short and wiry. After Debbie went through childbirth and would start getting hair again, I liked to rub my face on her pussy. Debbie kept her hair trimmed also and did not shave her pussy. I got between Melissa's legs and looked at her beautiful pussy close up. She, or probably Bobby had trimmed her hair in the shape of a heart. I had seen a gal in a porno flick that did that and it looked nice. Melissa's blonde hair did not stand out like it would if it was black or brown but it looked nice. I said, “Melissa, I sure like the way you trimmed the hair on your pussy.” She said, “It was Bobby's idea and he helped me do it.” I said, “Well it is beautiful and I'm going to like eating your pussy.” She said, “Well go ahead, I love having my pussy eaten.” I put my mouth on her hair and rubbed it all over. I don't think a gal gets too much out of this but I like it. After rubbing my mouth on her hair, I put my hands on her pussy and spread it open. Melissa was getting a little wet and I licked her nectar with my tongue. I sucked her clit in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. This was starting to get to Melissa as she started moaning.

When Debbie and I got married I didn't know anything about pleasing a woman. Then one day when I was in a book store, I saw this book titled ‘The Joy Of Sex.' I read it from cover to cover. After reading it, I did some of the things that I learned. I found out that a gal's clit is like a man's penis. When you massage it with your finger or tongue, it fills up with blood and gets erect. Some gal's clit could grow to about a half an inch. Melissa's clit was getting firm and larger. She started moving her ass a little and I was trying to stay on her clit. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and rubbed on the upper wall to find her G spot. A lot of guys don't know about this. I don't think Bobby did either as Melissa yelled, “Oh God, what are you doing.” I kept my mouth on her clit and rubbing her G spot until she yelled, “Damn, if you don't stop, I'm going to cum.” I kept it up and finally she yelled, “I'm cumming, I'm cumming.” I reached up and pinched a nipple with my left hand and she went wild convulsing all over the couch. I didn't know it then but the other guys had stopped eating pussy and everyone was watching the action between Melissa and me. When she finally came down from her climax she was panting like hell. She gasped, “Man, you know how to eat pussy.” Debbie was sitting next to Melissa on the loveseat and Bobby was watching us. I raised my head and Bobby said, “Hey man, I think you ruined it for me, she never acts like that when I eat her pussy.” I said, “I'll tell you about it later.” He put his head between Debbie's legs and continued eating her pussy.

After everyone knew who won the contest they just wanted to fuck. I grabbed my cock and rubbed up and down on Melissa's slit. When I rubbed up on her clit, she jumped a little as it was still sensitive. She was wet as hell after all the cumming she did. I didn't have to push very hard to penetrate her. She seemed to like my cock as she locked her legs around my back. I had trouble moving my cock in and out cause she had her legs locked so tight. Now I had my hands free to massage and pinch her tits. Bobby had his cock in Debbie and was fucking her as hard as he could. Debbie didn't like heavy pounding but she wanted to give Bobby a good fuck. All you could hear in the room was moaning from the gals and groaning from the guys and that slap, slap, slapping noise. Melissa was just about out of her mind as she announced that she was cumming again. I was not far behind as I shot my load in her. She could feel it and whispered, “Oh yeah, give it to me.” After I blew my nuts and gathered enough strength to get up, I pulled my cock out of Melissa and left a trail of cum. The couch and loveseat were made of leather and could be washed pretty easy. Greg had a throw rug down for the guys so we didn't hurt our knees. Bobby was the second to cum as I could hear him groaning like hell. I don't think Debbie had a very good climax, but sometimes she never does. Bobby got up and then Debbie and Melissa got up and went to the bathroom. Pretty soon Lisa and Joyce joined them.

Us guys went over the bar and Greg made us some drinks. Greg said, “Dave, you did a good job of breaking in Melissa.” Bobby said, “Now are you going to tell me what you did to my wife?” I told him about what I learned from the book and he said that he was going to get him one. We were standing there with limber cocks and the gals came in from the bathroom. Melissa came over to Bobby and he put his arms around her and kissed her passionately. Greg tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Do you mind if I fuck your pretty little wife?” Bobby said, “Well I guess this is what we came for, go ahead.” Lisa moved over to Bobby and reached down and started stroking his cock. Bobby put his arms around her and kissed her and rubbed her pussy. I moved over to Cindy and Byron moved over to Debbie. We all went back in the family room. Cindy whispered to me, “Melissa found out just how good a pussy eater you are but I just want you to fuck me.” So the rest of the night, us guys fucked each gal and everyone had a good time.

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