My Wife's Mother.(Erotic stories ,Sexy stories ).
My Wife's Mother
by mlf2001 ©

Hubby sunbathes with hot in-law.


My story started last summer. When it was so hot for about two week. My wife invited her mother to come over and cool off in our pool. My wife is 26, I am 30, and her mother 45 with a Barbara Eden like body. I never thought I would ever think of sleeping with my wife's mother but hey shit happens. When I seen her in the pool with that swim suit on it just blew my mind. She give me a instance hard-on that day I seen her body, and that ass of hers.

I was just getting off from work when my wife ask me to come and join them in the pool. I told my wife that could not find my swim shorts. She said put on some boxer short and join us in the pool. Well it was so hot I just did it and jump in the pool. It was nice and relaxing my wife had fix us some drinks and then the phone rang and my wife went to answer it. It was for her, and me and her mother stayed in the pool drinking and chatting a little. She got so close to me I started to get a hard on.

Without me noticing, my hard cock came out from my peep hold in my shorts. I don't think she noticed it herself. I had noticed it when she brush up next to it with her hips. Then she reached for another drink her ass brushed up to it, and she said nothing. Just smiled at me and kept on talking I could see that the drinks was working on her.

My wife came back out and said she had to make a mail drop from her office and will return in a few hour. Now with her mother and I still in the pool with my cock hard as hell. Her mother feeling good from the drinks she started brushing her body on my body. My hard cock she still haven't notice I think. As she reached for a towel her ass had brush my cock and stayed there. That was when I notice that the head of my cock had slide in the crack of her ass. That when I also notice she had slid her swim suit to one side. But she with acting like nothing was going on so I just stay with the flow of thing.

She gave my cock a little stroking action with her ass and it slide in her ass still nothing said. She stopped stroking and said I think you're in my ass but didn't pull away. I started to squeeze her ass cheeks down on my cock and I started cumming in her asshole I couldn't stop myself.

Then I went soft and she just pull away and left the pool. When got in the house she was in the kitchen with only a robe on. I ask her was she okay she said yes but I want you in my ass again. I just walk over and hug her my cock start to get hard again. She turn her back to me raise her robe over her ass and spread her ass cheek apart and said fuck my ass please and cum in my ass. I rub the head of my cock between her ass cheeks and the head slide in her ass hole. We started stroking and stroking she squeeze her ass cheek together and I just started cumming and cumming all in and over her ass.

She turn around give me a long hard kiss and said shhhhh! with her finger up to her mouth as she walk away. Later that night when my wife return she whisper in my ear that she want a good butt fuck from me. So we went to bed and my cock was a little sore and I gave her some little slow stroke. She squeezed her ass cheek down on my cock like her mother did and I just started cummmming in my wife's ass too. The next morning in the kitchen I notice my wife not wearing any panties and her mother wasn't wear no panties as well. My cock started to get hard again. I looked at both their asses and knew I filled them both with my cum.
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