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The Johnsons

Chapter 1:
The sun was slowly rising.
It was another one of those hot summer mornings, and the family living in the large two-storied house was wakening. Mr. Johnson woke up to the soft, delightful sound of birds singing outside. He looked down at his wife. Mrs. Johnsons dark hair framed her pretty face in the most lovely manner, and he couldn't help noticing, that the covers had slid down, exposing her firm, well shaped breasts. His pulse sped up a little. Feeling this, he wondered why she never ceased to have that effect on him. He reached out and gently placed his palm on the near breast. She moved slightly, as he slowly stroked her, and after a short while, he could feel her nipple erect against his hand. With the other hand, he moved the covers, which covered her legs and tummy, aside. She was as usual not wearing panties, and he fixed his gaze at the welltrimmed patch of dark hair in her crotch, formed as a triangle with rounded corners, two long sides and one short. He reached out with his other hand and placed it on her pubic hairs. He then began stroking it back and forth with tender movements, and soon, his wife started breathing a little heavier. He moved his right hand from her left breast to the right to continue the massage. He could feel his wife's body tensing and intensified his rubbing of her now wet hole, and seconds later, she gave a moan and climaxed. Her eyes opened slowly, and she shook her head as to clear her thoughts. Suddenly, her eyes widened as she felt his touch and looked down her body to see his hands caressing her breasts and vagina. Her angry, frightened stare was not was he had ex- pected. "Will Johnson, WHAT are you doing?! Get your hands OFF of me!", his wife exclaimed with panic in her voice. As soon as he had done this, she pulled the covers up to her shoulders. "Suzy, What's the matter with you?", he asked softly. "Me? What's the matter with YOU?! Violating your wife while she's asleep!" "Violating? Suzy, I'm your husband. If I can't touch you, then who can? You were looking so beautiful in your sleep and I wanted you to feel good. Why is that wrong?" She could hear the hurt in his voice, and she wished she could take her words back. No matter, whether she was wrong or right, she didn't want to hurt her husband. Will had always been good to her, ever since they married eight years ago. She had honestly believed that he would have stopped doing things to her, now she had turned 30, but obvious- ly, he hadn't. She couldn't quite decide who was in the right, but she felt wrong about it. Still, it had been quite nice. She just felt as if she didn't own her own body. He lowered his head and muttered "I'm sorry, Suzy. Excuse me.." He stood, dressed quickly and left the bedroom. She wanted to call him back, to tell him it was alright, but something held her back. She lay back and tried to relax. Meanwhile, downstairs, their daughter Anne was also awake. But she had been awake for some time already. She was lying in her bed in the room she shared with her kid brother, Andy, who was still asleep. As usual, he had kicked his covers off in sleep, and she could tell he was cold, tossing and turning in only his small undies. He stubbornly refused to wear pyjamas, and Anne had a feeling that it was because of her; her brother wouldn't give her a chance to make fun of him. She wouldn't have, even if she had had the chance. She liked him, and not just because he was her brother. She was sixteen years old, turning seventeen next month, and he was thirteen. Kid brothers that age usually did everything they could to irritate their older brothers and sisters. But Andy wasn't that way; he never made any trouble, not even when she had a date. Not that she had that many. Her father had told her many times, that with her looks, she could pick just about any guy she wanted; Anne just didn't want to date. She didn't think she looked so stunning as her father said. Anne got up and stood before the mirror. She saw a young girl wearing a white T-shirt look back at her. Her blonde hair was a little messy, but even so, it made her look quite pretty as it framed her beautiful face and flowed over her shoulders. Her big blue eyes and the cute little nose fit perfectly with her it framed her beautiful face and flowed over her shoulders. Her big blue eyes and the cute little nose fit perfectly with her soft, sensuous lips. Her legs were not really long, but not short either; actually they were quite muscular, due to her cy- cling to school every day. The school lay at a distance of ap- proximately eight kilometres from the Johnson residence, and her parents had wanted her to take the school bus, but Anne wouldn't hear of that. This way, she could exercise and keep fit, without having to spend time on it after school. Maybe the guys didn't like her legs? Because they were too muscular? She smiled at the thought of a guy fearing for his macho im- age because his girlfriend had more muscles than he did. Or maybe she didn't date so much for fear of exposing herself to others? She heard a noise and looked in the mirror. Her brother was waking up. He got up on his elbows and yawned silently. Without turning, she asked: "Andy, what do you think of my legs?" He turned to look at her, his eyes wide. "What?", he stut- tered. "I want a man's opinion. Do you think they are too muscu- lar?" "N..no sis, I think you have nice legs." She turned to him and smiled. "And you're not just being loyal to your sister? You really mean it?", she said as she sat down on his bed. He nodded without a word, looking in his sisters eyes. His teeth clacked a little bit, and she reached out and held him close. "Oh Andy, you're freezing! You really should be sleeping with a pyjamas, you know". She gave him a hug, then let go. She smiled to him. She looked at him. Andy was built quite strong for a boy his age. He was slim and almost as tall as her; his hair was dark brown with eyes the same color. She regarded him for a moment. Her brother was actually quite handsome, and she mused that he was the type she was looking for; strong, yet sensitive. But he was three, almost four years younger, and she hadn't found anyone her own age with just a slight hint of those qualities. They were always hanging out together, being "cool", or they were too shy to even talk to her. She had felt eyes on her, though, but that wasn't the same as talking to someone, to tell that someone that you loved him (or that he was a nerd who might as well take a hike). Anyway, she didn't understand that anyone would be looking at her. There were many other girls in the class, much prettier than her. He could feel the heat from her body, as she sat close to him. He wondered why she was asking him such a strange question. Or maybe she wasn't teasing? He had always thought that girls knew how beautiful they were, especially his sister. She always seemed so steady, resting in herself, feeling confident but not cocky. In fact, he admired his sister. And to be honest, he was a little bit in love with her. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. And she was also the first girl he ever saw naked. That happened about two years ago, and it still stood clear in his memory. He doubted that he could ever forget entering their room, finding her stark naked, changing clothes. She just smiled to him and continued to pull her panties down, exposing her sex to him. His heart had beat like wild, and he had almost fainted on the spot. Embarrassed and blushing, he had left the room quickly. She followed her brothers gaze, noticing his examining her body. Suddenly, she felt like doing something wild. She took his hand and placed it on her left, tanned thigh, saying: "If you like, you ought to like to touch it too, eh, Andy? Do you like your sisters legs?" Andy thought the whole world had gone crazy. His head was spinning, his breathing heavy, he was freezing, and there was his sister, asking him if he liked her legs! Boy did he like them! But he couldn't tell her that, not his sister. He felt his heart pounding as she pressed his hand against her smooth, soft skin. Her legs were very nicely shaped, and the light brown tan she sported, only served to enhance her breathtaking looks. He couldn't believe he was doing this. Her thigh felt so soft and warm against his fingers, it felt even better than he had ever imagined, and he couldn't help slowly moving his hand back and forth a little, caressing a small part of her thigh. Suddenly, he felt so embarrassed of touching a girl, and he pulled his hand away like if he had burnt his fingers. She smiled and said: "Don't be shy, it wont hurt you to touch me." She looked down his body, noticing his enormous erec- tion. "I can tell that you liked it", she said in a warm voice. She leaned over and sucked one of his nipples into her mouth, flitting it with her tongue. He gasped. She stopped and looked him in the eyes. With a hoarse voice, she started commanding him "Come on now, Andy. Pull your pants down. I won't hurt you; pull them down, slow and easy, yes, that's it. Good boy." Andy trembled as he slowly obeyed his sister, pulling down his tight undies. It caused some trouble because of his erec- tion; it was enormous. In fact, it had only gone stiff one time earlier, when he saw his sister naked. He wondered why. Maybe he was sick. Of course! And Anne wanted to cure him. She smiled to him again, making him feel less uncomfortable. She devoured his rigid member with her eyes. She had never seen such an erection before; the only time she had ever gotten this far with a boy, it had just been swaying around, quite soft-looking. But her brothers penis was as hard as stone, and it seemed huge compared to his young body; she figured it to be about nine inches long. He hadn't grown hairs around it yet, and the skin partly covering the glans was so tender and clean that he couldn't pos- sibly have masturbated ever before. She reached out and got hold of it with her slender hand. He gasped for air at the touch, and he thought he could scream as she began to move her hand gently up and down. "Don't worry, Andy; it's gonna be alright. Just relax and I'll take good care of you," she said in a low, soft voice, as she continued to stroke his big, hard prick. "Oh, sis", he gasped, "what are you doing?" "I'm just making you feel good, Andy. Let me try something. This won't hurt a bit." Without further notice, she suddenly bent over him and slipped his throbbing cock into her warm mouth. "Aauwh!", he exclaimed, then he stuttered "Boy, that feels *real* good, sis!" "Mmhm", she said, sucking his rock hard dick, letting her tongue swirl around his glans. She let her hand play gently with his hard balls. He moaned as his sister pushed his cock as deep in as it could go, sucking on it, licking it. Her mouth was so warm, so wet, so tender against his sensitive glans, and her tongue made him feel so good, that he had nothing to compare this feeling with. He felt strange, having his own sister doing this to him, for some reason, but for every second passed by, he became posi- tive that he wouldn't want her to ever stop. She began pumping her head up and down, making his prick slide quickly back and forth between her soft, wet lips. Her caress made him whimper, and his breathing was rather heavy. Anne could feel that her panties were getting damp, and she shifted her hips so she could rub her crotch against the bed while she sucked off her brother, who was lying on his back, legs spread. She had felt strange about this first, but now, every doubt was wiped clean from her mind. She wanted to do this, and she was enjoying it almost as much as he was. She pulled her head back, sucking only his dick-head, letting her wet lips slow- ly slide over it, kissing it. "*Please* don't stop, Anne!" His voice was almost begging, and he moaned as she mercifully slid her mouth over his hard cock again. She took his hands and placed them on her head while still sucking him. He caught on to her intentions, and softly applied pressure, moving her head down, his prick sliding into her again. "Oh yes, sis! Oh yeah! It's so good! You're so warm!" She rubbed her crotch a little faster against the sheets, on which a large damp spot was quickly appearing. He moved her head faster; with a tight grip in her hair, he enforced a quick tempo to her sucking, fucking her mouth. She felt his hard, now wet cock pumping in her mouth, and she tried to get a lick thrown in whenever possible. She could feel her tits juggle as he moved her up and down, her nipples pressing into the bed on the down strokes. His hips began moving frantic, smashing his dick as deep into her mouth as he could. Then he started thrashing as she lightly squeezed his testicles, making his sperm shoot out through his glans and into his sisters mouth and throat. He screamed as he came, sending long, wild spurts of semen into her. She sucked to the best of her ability, relishing in her brothers sticky jism. She was surprised to feel how good it tasted, and she drank it eagerly. She then lifted her head, let- ting go of his prick. His throbbing cock spurted big white gobs of come onto all of her face. She rubbed his prick against her face as the last drops oozed out, kissing it and taking it into her mouth again for one last time. She felt a bit uncomfortable, shifting her hips back and forth in frustration. Then she smiled at him, as he looked up at her, his eyes filled with awe and gratitude. "Gee-wiz! I've never felt so good before. How did you do that, sis?" "I just sucked your cock, Andy. That's the least a sister can do. It was great, huh?" "Was it ever! Did it feel good for you too?" "Not quite as good as you must have felt, no. But that's alright, Andy. This was my treat." "But can I do something like this to you? Seems I owe you one." "With this, things don't work that way. But if you mean it.." "I'll do anything for you, sis!" "Then maybe it's time you saw my pussy", she said, licking his come off her lips. "You taste good, you know that?" "Do I really?" "Yes", she muttered as she leaned over him and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. The taste he experienced was totally different from anything else he had ever tasted. By intuition, he decided the salty fla- vour to be coming from himself, mixed with a soft, sweet taste that had be his sister. He sucked on her tongue as she licked his teeth and teased his tongue. Then she broke the kiss and looked him in the eyes as she said: "Lift my shirt up, Andy." He looked at his sister on her knees before him in his bed. She looked even prettier than he remembered her to be, and he felt her beautiful, blue eyes drawing him closer. He got on his knees before her and very slowly lifted up her shirt. She in- stinctively spread her legs as he lifted her shirt, while sliding her skimpy panties down. She held her shirt up, watching him. His gaze was fixed to her crotch as he asked: "Is that your..pussy?". She answered with a whisper : "Yes, Andy, that's my pussy. Like it? " He stared at his sisters perfect triangle, She answered with a whisper : "Yes, Andy, that's my pussy. Like it? " He stared at his sisters perfect triangle, made of short, curly, soft-looking golden hair, proving her to be a real blonde. His voice was filled with awe as he muttered: "Oh yes, sis. It's so *beautiful*!" "Andy, will you do something for me then?", she asked, slow- ly moving so she could lie on her back, removing her panties. "I'll do anything you want me to, sis. *Anything*!" She gracefully parted her shapely legs, exposing her sex to him. "Then lick me. Here.", she said, rubbing her pubic hair. Without a word, he laid himself down between her parted, sweat- covered thighs. He began to carefully lick up and down her wet cunt lips, making her shudder. "Is something wrong?", suddenly frightened. "No. Please don't stop!" Relieved, he again let his tongue play along her wet lips. Then he pushed it in between, parting them. Her fingers reached down and held them there. She felt so perverted, letting her brother lick her between the legs, but most of all, she liked it more than anything else she had ever encountered. Her breathing was heavy as he began to lick around her hole. She tasted wonderful here, even better than her mouth tast- ed. Andy examined his sisters pretty, pink pussy as he ate her. Her interiors were exquisitely designed, soft, wet walls placed tight together. Andy felt his cock grow again as he imagined what it would be like to stick it in here. "Awww", he groaned as his prick drilled its way into the rough sheet. "Andy. Are you okay?", his sister gasped. "It's just my.." His voice trailed off. "Is your cock hurting, Andy?" "Yes", he muttered as he began to lick her again. "Then get up", she said, lifting his head from her wet pussy with the last of her willpower. "On your knees, that's it." She grabbed his already rock hard cock and masturbated him quickly. He gasped, as his sister stroked him whilst rubbing her wet, girlish slit. "Ok, you're ready now, Andy. Fuck me!" He looked at her with glazed eyes. "Come on now, Andy. Fuck me, now! Come into me!" He looked down as he began pressing his hard prick against his sisters cunt lips. Suddenly, he was inside her. "Ohhhh!", his sister yelled. "Are you ok, Anne?", he asked with cracking voice. His sis- ter didn't answer, she just lay there, shaking. He saw blood running out of her cunt and down his cock. Terrified, he said "I'm hurting you, I'm pulling it out!" "NOO!", she cried. "Don't take it out, please! Fuck me, Andy. Won't you please fuck me! Do it to me now!" He began slowly pumping his cock into her, carefully sliding it in. "Faster!", she moaned. He obeyed and started fucking his sister in a faster tempo. The blood coming from her cunt made it easier for him to fuck her, and his prick swelled even more. She began tossing her head wildly from side to side as the wonderful feeling in her pussy only grew and grew. She had never been really horny before, but she was sure she was making up to it now. Her pussy convulsed as she let her juices gush out. He felt her cunt squeeze his cock in a tight grip, and she screamed loud. "Fuck me harder, Andy. Harder!", she pleaded. As he did this, his sister lifted her shirt even higher, ex- posing her gorgeous breast. "These..are my...tits, Andy", she stuttered while her broth- er fucked her pussy. "Do you..arrhh..like...them?" "Oh yeah, sis! Oh yeah!", he moaned, devouring his sisters big tits with his widely opened eyes. "Suck them, Andy. Suck them!" He bent over her, still pumping her cunt, and took a tit into his mouth. They were big, soft and well shaped, and her large pink areolae invited his kiss. The nipples erected in his mouth as he sucked them off in turn, his sister moaning loudly under him. "Stop, Andy. Pull it out. It's too dangerous", she said suddenly. Reluctantly, he pulled his hard, blood-gorged prick out of his sisters wet pussy. "Come on, don't be mad. Stick it in my mouth again", she said. He did as asked, and soon, he was lying crotch-to-face on his sister, fucking her warm, wet mouth as fast as he could. She sucked on his wet cock, licking hard at it with her tongue. She could taste her own blood and the juices from her crotch, blend- ing into a sweet flavour. "AUUGGH!", he screamed as he began sperming into his sisters mouth for the second time. His jism shot into her mouth in long shots, and she lovingly sucked her brothers spurting prick as his sticky, white come overflowed her mouth. They both fell back on the bed, totally relaxed; the only sounds audible being the soft sound of Anne stroking her brothers hair, and their hurried breathing. (not the end) STORY : The Johnsons Part II 31/3-1991 So finally, here is the second chapter. It took a lot of time, and without all the support I've gotten, you wouldn't be looking at it right now. So thanks to all my fans. You're the best! Some points before we start : 1) This is erotica and as such contains *sex*. All you smallminded, frustrated, easily-offended, inhibited people might just as well commit Hara-Kiri now. 2) Also, minors (IMHO, < 16) should not read this. They should also not watch blood movies like "Friday the umpteenth" and "Nightmare on Elm Strt. CIV", but nobody gives a damn about that... 3) Everything depicted below, be it places, names, characters, expressions or opinions, is freely invented by your storyteller and is to be regarded as fiction. Similarity between aforementioned places, names, characters, expressions or opinions and real events is purely coincidental and unintentional. 4) The contents of this material is in no way intended to be derogatory, demeaning or humiliating towards any of the sexes or any kind of sexual behaviour. 5) Very special thanks goes to an unnamed party for proofreading and constructive criticism. 6) This material is copyrighted (C) 1991. It may only be distributed in unchanged form with this header intact and free of charge. 7) Criticism, encouragement and in fact, ALL kinds of feedback, are greatly appreciated. So, without further ado : Here goes... ______________________________________________________________________ The Johnsons Chapter 2. Will stumbled down the stairs, almost falling down in his frustration. Yet another time he had screwed everything up. He felt like a jerk. No, the look in his wife's eyes as she woke up, made him feel like a bastard. It was a breach of the trust he and his wife had developed through their eight years of marriage. Was it really that long ago? Yes, he remembered how he had been on the verge of taking his own life after his first wife, Laila, was killed in a car crash. Will had been trapped in the driver's seat as the car had turned over. His seat belt was jammed, and he could only listen, while his wife cried faintly, her young life slowly leaving her. She had died in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital, of internal wounds. Will lost his mind and cried at her shoulder until he fell asleep. When he awoke, he cried again; all he could see was his Laila's pretty face, her warm smile, her deep brown eyes. The only things that had kept him from taking his own life were his children...and Suzy. Suzy had come to his rescue. She was the only person who succeeded in getting through to him in that period - by saving his life. She caught him walking across the street, blindly looking straight ahead, as a big truck came roaring down the street in his direction. She was the only person there with courage and willpower enough to save him; she had leaped at him and shoved him hard across the street, then had fallen herself. What really got Will out of his apathy was the sight of the young woman who had just saved his life, rolling on her back, missing the huge truck only by inches as the driver hit his brakes a few seconds too late. That somebody would risk their life for him, convinced Will that his life still was worth living. She got a concussion from the fall, and Will's respect for human life, his own as well as other's, slowly returned as he sat by her bed, holding her hand and waiting for her to awake from her unconsciousness. They fell in love, but waited for marriage until he was sure that she wasn't marrying him out of pity. Now, he loved her more than ever and at 30, he mused, she looked better than ever. And that was why he felt so miserable now. No, he couldn't blame that on her, it was his own fault. He was tormented by guilt over his lecherousness, his uncontrollable lust for her. To take advantage of her when she was sleeping wasn't exactly his idea of the correct behaviour for a gentleman, as which he had always considered himself - until now. Abusing his wife in her sleep; he had to admit he had done some really stupid things before, but this took the prize. It would have been easier going through life with a minimum of sex if Suzy hadn't been so stunningly beautiful. Her big, brown eyes, her firm body, the slender legs, the long dark hair - He felt his pants tighten and cursed himself. It just seemed to him as a damn waste, having a pretty wife and only getting laid once a month, at the most! He figured he just had to forget it. Perhaps she was sexually inhibited, but she was a loving mother and wife and a true friend, and after all, that was what really mattered. Upon entering the kitchen, he heard a muffled scream from the children's room. He rushed down the corridor and opened the door. Will's conscious mind almost blacked out, as he found his son kneeling naked on the bed, his head between his sister's parted legs, his mouth attached to her genitals and his penis squirting semen all over the bed and his sister. Will felt his sanity remove quickly escaping him as he raised his right arm above his head. Suzy, sleepily descending the stairs, heard a very loud slapping noise and, terrified, she hurried down the stairs and started looking for her husband and the children. Another slapping noise, followed by a scream, made panic rise in Suzy. She ran through the house and found them in time to see Will raise his arm again, Anne lying on Andy's bed, crying and with a big dark red mark on each cheek. Suzy immediately realized the circumstances, but the only thing that mattered to her was that her husband was hitting his children. She swiftly leapt in between Will and the bed, preventing him from hitting Anne again. His sleepy, glazed eyes made a sharp contrast to the sharp, threatening tone in his voice as he said : "Get out of my way!" Suzy straightened herself as she said : "You're NOT hitting my children as long as I'm still your wife!" Will showed his teeth as he said : "They're not your children. Move away." That really hurt. Suzy felt her eyes dampening as she faced him with the attitude of an cornered tigress, shouting : "GO AWAY! GO AWAY AND LEAVE THEM ALONE! HOW COULD YOU!? YOU *BASTARD*!!" Suzy's voice cracked into a scream, making Will back some distance away; the effect of her words was as shocking as if she had hit him. Andy was hiding his face at his sister's shoulder as their parents quarreled. Anne softly stroked his hair, looking at the two adults with tears in her eyes. Will turned and left the room. Suzy fell onto the bed and burst in tears. After a while, she sat up and hugged both children, still sobbing. She looked at Anne's cheek, where the outline from Will's big hand still glowed red, and began crying again. Will fell hard in an armchair. This couldn't be happening! He had almost forgotten his desire, when he saw his children, naked and embracing each other. And as if it wasn't bad enough already, he could feel that he lusted for his daughter! His own daughter, God damn it! He wanted to part her lovely legs and shove his hard prick inside her teenage pussy, fuck her until he squirted his sperm deep into her. He felt his pants tighten around his loins, unable to control his feelings and the reactions of his body. This was all wrong. He knew he had to do something to keep him from going crazy. He grabbed the remote control, remembering that the film in the VCR was a porno flick. He snapped the tv set on and pressed the play button. The picture appeared, showing a scene from 'Jack and Jill II'. A man was sliding his big, hard penis into the dark cunt of a panting female, sucking her pert breasts. Will saw himself unzipping his pants and producing his pounding prick. As in a trance, he slowly began jerking off, his gaze fixed to the screen. The stud now pulled his dong out and sprayed his jism over his playmate's face. Will fast-forwarded to his favourite scene, still stroking his penis. Samantha Fox appeared, smiling to a masculine hunk, who was eating her perfect body with his eyes. Will increased the volume. "I want you to suck me, babe!" "Okay, but you mustn't cum in my mouth." She closed her eyes and opened her mouth to allow him to insert his huge prick between her lips. He began to pump it, as she sucked him, slowly moving back and forth. Then he stripped her, revealing her gigantic tits and the light brown patch of pubic hair on her pussy. Will increased his tempo. Sam positioned herself over the stud, slowly inserted his throbbing cock in her tender pussy, and began moving her round hips. Her breasts swayed wildly as they fucked, her nipples standing out hard. Then she leaned over and pressed a breast against her lover's lips. He parted them, sucking her nipple. She grabbed her tit and massaged it in hard strokes towards his mouth, milking it. Her face went out of focus, and when Will looked again, he saw his daughter's face. Anne was pushing her big breasts into her lover's mouth, and Will recognized himself sucking her tits. As the guy pulled his dick out and spurted semen onto Sam's jumping tits, Will jerked his prick past the explosion point. His sperm shot out, splashing on his shirt and hands. After a few last strokes to bring out the last semen, he got up, dried himself with a kleenex and, after stopping the movie, he left for work. Half an hour passed and nothing happened. Then Anne stood and began getting dressed. Still crying a little, she left for school. Suzy looked out the window, watching Anne cycling away. "Mom", Andy said. Suzy turned and answered "Yes?" in a soft voice. "Was it very wrong, what Anne and I did?" Suzy drew a deep breath. "Well.. . did she force you?" "No, of course she didn't." "And you didn't force her?" "No! I could never hurt Anne!" "I know, baby, I know", she said, hugging him close, then looking deep into his eyes. "If both the boy and the girl want to, there is nothing wrong, Andy. But brothers and sisters doing...what you did..It isn't right for close family to...have sex with each other. And since your father obviously feels so strongly about this, I must ask you to never do it again. Will you promise me that, Andy?" "Ok, Mom, we won't do it again." She hugged him again. While Andy trembled in her arms, Suzy thought about Will. She felt like crying again. She couldn't bear to quarrel with anyone, and least of all with Will. She knew how sensitive he was, and she wondered what he was doing. Will stomped the gas pedal onto the floor of the car, taking a turn with screaming tires. He overtook all the cars on the road, ignoring the loud, protesting noises coming from the old car. Suddenly, another car came from the other direction, horn blaring. He barely managed to get the car back into the right lane before the car whizzed by. He tried to settle his nerves and control his driving, as strange thoughts raced through his tormented mind. Andy wondered which things were bad and which weren't. He remembered that he and his cousin, Jonathan, had talked about sex when he had visited his aunt. He felt unable to tell his mother about this; he had a feeling that it had been wrong to do what they did. They had seen a football game together with his uncle, who then had begun touring all the bars he could find. The boys had returned home, and his cousin had brought him into his parent's bedroom, since his aunt was at work at the time. Jonathan had produced a sex magazine from his father's dresser drawer. The pictures had shown naked men and women doing mostly the same thing that he and Anne had been doing this morning, only then he didn't know anything about sex, what it was or how it felt. Andy remembered how wildly his heart had beaten as his eyes devoured the hard-core pictures. Jonathan, even though he was a year younger than Andy, had shown him how he jerked off. He had unzipped his pants and started pulling on his already erect adolescent prick. He looked at the pictures while he told Andy how good it felt, his hand clasping his cock as little drops of pre-cum coated his dickhead. He asked Andy if he had ever played with himself. He hadn't tried it before, but he told his cousin he had done it a lot so that Jonathan wouldn't tease him. Andy looked at the pictures, glancing at his cousin's growing cock now and then, and suddenly felt his own prick swell. His member had slowly erected, as he had fantasized about doing to Anne, what the men iAndy found out that he could contract his rectum, making it clench Jon's cock, and everytime he did it, his cousin gasped and humped faster. Andy began gripping his cousin's prick with his asshole in a quick, steady rhythm, and soon he felt Jon's cock throb inside his ass. Then Andy emitted a muffled scream as his own jumping prick began spurting wildly for the second time, coating his stomach with sticky semen. Jonathan unloaded himself in his asshole, and while his cock shot his cum into Andy's rear entry, the last few drops pulsed out of Andy's trembling prick. Andy was jerked back to reality as his mother sighed and said : "Oh well." Suzy sat up slowly, wiping her damp eyes. "I'd better get going." She hugged Andy one last time, then stood and slowly left the room. She remembered, how hard the door had slammed after Will and sighed, feeling a cold, hard knot building in her stomach. She didn't like this, she didn't like it at all. Will had never said anything to willfully hurt her before, not ever. Of course it was wrong what Anne and Andy had done, but Will's reaction to previous problems and crises, that seemed graver to Suzy, compared to this, had only been to love her more and regain his strength from her loyalty and affection. Maybe this hit him harder, because it involved _his_ children; or so he thought. He was wrong! She loved them with all of her heart, as if they had been her own, and normally she always thought of them as her own. But Will's words had reminded her of the distinction. She promised herself that she wouldn't let this come between her and Will. She climbed the stairs slowly, deep thoughts occupying her mind. She pushed the bathroom door open and entered the tiled room, regarding herself as she removed her silk robe. She pushed the door shut again and shook her head, making her hair fly, then settling on her bare shoulders. As she eyed the naked brunette in the mirror, she wondered why Will found her so attractive. He always told her how beautiful she was, embarrassing her; she didn't agree. She remembered that one night they stood in the garden after having tucked the children in, holding each other and looking at the stars. The night had been warm, and the sky had been so clear that the whole universe seemed to have fixed its gaze upon them. It made Suzy feel small and insignificant to watch these innumerable spots of light. "Oh Will, the stars are so beautiful!", she had breathed. "Mmhhm", Will hummed and gave her a gentle squeeze. "And so are you, sweetheart." She blushed and he kissed her forehead gently. "Do you really think so?", she had stuttered. "Yes I do. Of course I do. You're so pretty that even the stars pale compared to you. And besides, you're much warmer and softer to hold than a star", he said, pulling her close. He smiled to her, a warm smile, and she could tell he wasn't making fun of her. But still, as she rested her head against his broad chest, she just couldn't quite believe him. She still couldn't. She studied her face in the mirror. Her nose was too long, her brows too dark and her eyes too big. At least she had nice teeth. No, in fact, they were only average. Her front teeth were a little too white to look nice. Her eyes slowly moved down. Her shoulders were okay, but then..her breasts. They were much too big. She sighed and promptly regretted the movement, which made her breasts ripple and swing a bit. She wondered why Will always tried to convince her to not wear a bra. He couldn't possibly want to be seen with a woman who looked like she packed a pair of rugby balls underneath her shirt. She had let him convince her once, and only once. She had been so embarrassed, feeling like all the people in the restaurant were looking at her. She imagined them thinking "Look at that poor guy, married to a cow." She had cried on the way home, and Will had tried to comfort her, apparently puzzled by her reaction. Ever since then, she always wore a bra when she left the house, one that squeezed her breasts as small as possible. She used a 42C-size, but she'd easily fill out a 46DD. Since it caused her pain to wear the smaller bra, she left it off at home. And her aureolae were also too big. And of course, they weren't pink like all other normal nipples, no, hers HAD to be brown. At least she was slender and had a flat belly. But below that, the rest wasn't even worth mentioning. She had legs that were far too short, and they were much too muscular for a woman. She didn't even want to look at her genitals; she had way too much hair there, and... Feeling the depression closing in on her, Suzy quickly turned away from the mirror and turned the shower on. She stepped under it and started soaping her body, trying to keep her mind on the things she had to do today. There wasn't much, really, since Will had insisted that she shouldn't work when he did. She knew for a fact that Will wasn't a sexist, he simply did what he thought was best for her, not wanting her to work when she didn't have to. And it wasn't because he wanted her to be a housewife; he had offered to hire a maid to come and clean up the house and do the dishes, and he was quite a good cook himself. Suzy had managed to protest there. She didn't mind keeping the house, in fact she liked it. Maybe not the hard floor-scrubbing or toilet-cleaning, but the feeling of having control of the big house, to know that it was thoroughly clean all on her account was a nice feeling. She wasn't fanatic about it though; she wanted to have a real job. But since Will wanted to spare her from anything vaguely resembling hard labor and only barely letting her clean the house, she settled for this, as it also let her take good care of the children when they were home. She realized that Will was probably being overprotective of her as a result of subconscious fear of losing her as he had his first wife, but she let him have his way. Suzy felt the warm water spraying onto her head and shoulders and trailing its way down her body; it was a nice feeling. She began to quietly hum a happy song to herself as she reached for the soap again. Andy had dozed off a bit after his mother had left the room, but now his eyes slowly opened. Feeling a bit dizzy, he slowly rose from the bed. He looked at the clock-radio. Only 8:01. It was an hour and a half before he had to leave for school - and a minute since the morning show had started! Suddenly awake, he darted out of the room and headed for the stairs. As he reached the top and started towards the tv room, he heard his mother singing in the bathroom. Someplace inside, he felt happy, happy that his mother was happy again. She had seemed so upset before, and he always felt bad when she did. He pushed the door slightly open, enough to see his mother turn off the water and feel for the towel. He quickly stepped in and lifted the towel off the hook, as his gaze for some reason suddenly fixed itself upon her wet, glistening body. Maybe he had noticed it before and forgotten it, or maybe he hadn't and had changed since then. He certainly noticed it now; it was beyond him how he could have ignored that his mother had such incredibly huge breasts. Stiffened for the moment, his hand with towel frozen a little out of his mother's reach, he gazed at her body. He found himself comparing her to Anne, not knowing why, and, suddenly blushing, he handed her the towel. Suzy stiffened a bit as she felt the towel being handed to her and quickly dried her face to open her eyes. As she saw Andy, she quickly covered herself with the towel, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the way he seemed to be staring at her. She tried to smile and succeeded halfway, thanking him and giving him a quick hug. Unbidden, her fight with Will sprang to her mind, and she realized she owed Andy an explanation. As if he had read her thoughts, the boy said "Mom, what did Dad mean that we were not your children?" She sat down, still trying to cover herself with the small towel. "Andy, I have to tell you something...I am not your real mom." Andy looked puzzled, so she continued "Your father was married to another woman before me, and she was the one who gave birth to you. And Anne." "Why did he marry you, then?", Andy asked with just a hint of a quiver in his voice. "She died in a car accident, Andy. You were only a little child then, and I always wanted to tell you about it. Now I have." She noticed a single tear creeping out the corner of Andy's eye. "Are you alright, baby?", she asked. "You are my real mom, Mom", Andy cried as he threw himself in her arms. "Oh sweetheart", she whispered, "I love you!" She felt a happy tear run down her cheek as she hugged him hard.
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