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Love - Triangle.

When I was in college, years ago, anything went.
We were threatened by syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, crabs. All of them are inconvenient, some could make you sterile, but seldom did anyone die of venereal disease. The Pill had freed us forever, we thought, from the threat of unwanted pregnancy. Sex was readily available to any normally attracive individual, and poular wisdom had it that to be young and in college was to be kinky. I tell you this so that those of you who weren't there will understand, and those of you who were will remember. I was a junior in that year of 1971, and I had a boyfriend by the name of Dave. Our sex life was good--we did some experimenting--but not what I would have called spectacular. We partied a lot. Didn't everbody? At one of the parties, we encountered an old friend of his, an acquaintance of mine. The reason she wasn't a friend of mine was that Dave and she flirted constantly, or rather, he'd come on to her and she'd tell him to call her when he didn't have a girlfriend. We all got rather drunk at that party, and since Dave was the best of us at getting home alive and tipsy, he offered to drive her home. She accepted, and climbed into the back seat. I was surprised when he drove straight to our house, but she didn't say an anything and we all settled down to watch "Saturday Night Live." In the middle of the show, Dave gave her that look which could devastate any female heart and said "Jody and I are going to....Wanna join us?" You could have knocked me over with a feather when she said yes with no hesitation. Even now, she is hard for me to understand. We went into the bedroom, where Dave was fully occupied undressing us both. We both started kissing and rubbing him, but only touched each other when we happened to grab for the same body part at the same time. When we were all naked, Dave turned out the lights. I could barely make out him kissing her. While he was doing that, he grabbed my hand and pulled me next to him. He raised his head and told me to suck her tit. Though I know now that this was her first experience with another woman, as it was mine, her back arched and she stroked my face. Dave went to her other nipple and she started, but moved one hand to cup the back of his head. Suddenly she sat up and bore Dave all the way onto his back. She kissed his chest, but was plinly on her way down to his dick. Beating her to the punch, I took his erect cock into my mouth. He stroked my hair with one hand, and I think I saw his other cupping her breast. I lost track of them both in the joy of giving head. Unexpetedly I felt a tongue flick tentatively up my slit to rest lightly, quivering, on my clit. I jumped. I've never felt anything like it. Her tongue swirled around wetly, stimulating me in ways I'd never been touched before. I told myself I should be imagining that it was Dave, that it was any man. I'm not a lesbian! I told myself. But the thought of that woman's tongue touching me in that way was so erotic that I came almost immediately. Belatedly, I realized that in my pleasure I had co,pletely forgotten Dave's. Jenny, however, had done no such thing and, with a husky chuckle, stole his saliva slicked member literally from under my nose. He came noisily into her mouth, and, in his sotted state, rolled over and went to sleep. I felt that it was unfair that she had not cum, so I fingered her until she came and then stroked her gently until we both fell asleep. The next morning, I found my hand still nestled between her legs. I didn't see her for several weeks until I bumped into her in the cafeteria. During the course of lunch (strangely enough, there was no mention of Dave or any of the events of that night), we discovered that we were in different sections of Cal I, taught by the same professor. Since it's a prety hard class, we decided to study together. Did we have ulterior motives? I'll admit the thought did cross my mind, but I didn't consider it likely. That night, we pulled out our books. She leaned over hers with her round ass in the air, but my view was straight between her small breasts. My blouse, though rather more modest, showed a similar view between my rather fuller ones as I, too leaned over my books. We managed to get quite a bit of work done, between us understanding more of the material than either. We were sitting crosslegged, knee to knee, dreading starting the next problem, when she started stroking my thigh. Blithely, she started reading out the next problem, and, imitating her (with a few swallows), I started discussing it with her. As we moved closer to the solution, her hand moved closer to my crotch. We finished the problem and, one handed without looking, she unfastened my jeans. As we worked on the next problem, she unfastened my blouse. I laid on my somach for the next problem, but caressed her butt. Finally, she said "Look, I can't concentrate," and slammed her books. She turned me over and slid my shirt from my shoulders. I unfastened her shirt as we kissed for the first time. I sat up as she reached for the fastening on my bra, and she took off her own shirt. I bucked up my hips when she pulled at my jeans, and she slid both them and my panties off at the same time. I was naked in fron of her, except for my socks, and she was still wearing pants, straddling me. The rough denim felt incredible against my sparse bush. I reached up and touched her breasts as if caressing a butterfly, and she leaned forward, the seam on the jeans pulling at my bush as she did so. When her mouth contacted my breast it was like the kiss of a hummingbird, but as she flitted back and forth between them became more and more agressive until it was almost painful and her mouth flew over my stomach to a place running for her. It hovered there, dispensing warm breath and breathing my scent (did Dave ever do that?) until a finger crept between my lips and teased, tantalized, had me sqiurming and pressing for more. Finally her mouth enclosed my clit and sucked it hard, stopping just short of extreme pain and pleasure. Then her tongue gently roved in and out of the petals of what she came to call her flower. Her finger explored within me finding the pleasure that stills the squirms, and stroked and licked and kissed until I didn't care that I was in her dorm room and the door may or may not have been locked. When I finally looked down, my legs were smothering her face into me with the help of my hands. As my breathing slowed, I hugged her, marveling that the feel of her small breasts on mine could arouse me yet again, and my shaking hands unfastened her pants. Kissing her neck and velvet shoulders, I stroked her tits with maddeningly light touches, teasing her as she had teased me. Remaining seated, I had her stand, taking her pants down as she did. Looking up the length of her body to her face, I lost sight of her when I buried my face in her muff. She didn't taste like me, didn't taste like a man. She tasted like Jenny. The taste was ok then. I loved it later. I eplored and probed, but could not make her cum, then. She hugged me, said it was allright, but I felt unbalanced and brought her off with my finger. Later I could make her cum easily, when she moved in with Dave and me, and still later, when we turned to Dave less and less and each other more and more. But then I had to be satisfied with what I knew, and the rest, as I said, came later.
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