Heather, A Snowstorm, & I.(Erotic stories ,Sexy stories).

Heather, A Snowstorm, & I
by SecretZoom ©

Hikers are trapped in cabin for one night.


I had spent two whole days hiking up the side of the mountain when a snow storm suddenly popped up. I knew I had to get to shelter and fast! I remember a buddy of mine telling me about an old cabin from a previous trip. I realized that I was close to the spot he described and I went in search of the illusive shelter in the woods. I found the old broken down shack just as the snow started to get really heavy. I enter the cabin and began to light candles that I had found on an old table in the corner. After I had brightened up the dreary room, I began to build a fire out of wood that had been stockpiled in near the hearth. After the fire was built I slipped out of my soaking wet clothe and began to search for extra clothes in the old abandoned cabin.

Suddenly the huge wood door swung open and an attractive young woman walked through the door just as I had found extra clothes. She was a petite brunette wearing a large winter coat and ski pants. She stumbled over her own words as I stood there folded clothes in had and wearing nothing but an embarrassed look. I put on the old rags I had found in the closet and asked, "What is your name?"

The woman said, "Heather, and I assume you know how bad the snow is getting." I looked out one of the windows and was unable to see the trees that grow only twenty feet outside the front door.

Heather, realizing there was no where else to go asked if she could stay with me in the cabin. I was glad to have company in the middle of the storm anyway so I of course allowed her to stay.

Heather discovered that there was only one blanket in the entire cabin. We agreed to share the blanket together near the fireplace in the drafty old cabin. As we sat there, I remembered a bottle of Champagne that I had found in the cupboard of the old cabin.

So there we were Heather and I alone in a one room cabin, sitting together by the fireplace under a blanket. We sat on a large bear skin rug that lay on the floor by the fireplace. As we began to loosen up and feel comfortable around each other, Heather and I talked about the hike as we dried our bodies from the day of hiking. The soft glow and the champagne we sipped had put us into a carefree mood. We spoke openly about all that was on our minds. Heather told me about a book she had read about perfect sex.

She said, "I read that the man is always supposed to start with kisses." I looked into her eyes looking for reassurance. I began to kiss her as our tongues lightly touched each other between the space that had grown shorter as we kissed. I began to let my instincts take control as I slowly eased Heather onto her back on the big furry bear skin rug. I started kissing her along the side of her neck, slowly moving down, down, down.

When I had gotten to her blouse I unbuttoned it, revealing the lacy lingerie that his Heathers two beautiful breasts. I remember staring at them for what seemed an eternity but was only for a moment. I regained my control and continued kissing slowly down her chest until I came to her breasts. I unfastened her lacy lingerie top exposing her firm breasts to the chilly air that loomed in the cabin. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it until it became firm and slightly moistened, and then I blew a quick blast of air across causing Heather to shiver slightly. I did the same with her right nipple and continued my kisses down her abdomen and toward her great legs and moistening the center of her pleasure. I got down between her legs and looked up at her bright eyes looking for reassurance to continue.

All the excitement and slow arousal had caused my mouth to run dry. I used my now dry tongue to lap at her clit, sending a pleasurable tremor through her body. I licked and nibbled Heather's clit till she couldn't take anymore. Heather arched her back in pure ecstasy over the orgasm that swept over her body. I began to take the belt out of the pants that I was wearing and found it more difficult to remove them while experiencing a full erection. I took off my shirt and boxer and began to slowly enter Heather's pleasure point. I began to rhythmically swing my hips in and out. I began to speed up after I saw that heather was going to have another orgasm. Just as she was reaching her climax, I exploded with a feeling of relief and pleasure. We both collapsed under the single blanket on the warm bear skin rug.

During that night we never realized that that it was below freezing and over 3 feet of snow had fallen. All we knew was that we had kept warm by the most natural way we knew how and survived through the horrible snow storm without a care, only smiles and warm kisses.

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