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Yes (WE DO PARTY THAT MEANZ EVERYTHING IT IMPLIES) i said it "we like to get high" drinking and what not ect. ect. ----Oh noooo ((somebody call 911)) if this offendz then please keep browzing .. if you do the same, or dont mind and look the other way............then by all means read on we are realativly new to alturnative lifestyles (less then a year ) so im sure there will be a lot of hit and misses till we are able to say xactly what we are looking for! but for the time being lets just say (hi how r you , fine i hope. can we get nakid now!!!!) my husband is average height n build a average joe!!! with a not so average appetight for everyone elses pussy so his criteria is easily met........ i how ever am like a kid in a candy store i have a new favorite from week to week one thing is a constant that im very bisexual and i love long hair on men its not a requirement just a boneuz ...being that im a self centerd narsacistick child who has very little regaurd for others needz other then her own....... and who cant have a distinct sexual orentation because she's to buzy loven herself!,,,,, it workz for me if you have sum of the quailties im lackin also if your a bi female then the party will progress at a even keel! oh yes and did i mention (long hair ) on men that usually makes me sit up n take notice!!

I am married but my husband impetent, wants me happy and likes to be involved in the sex, sometimes, either hands on or movies we make. Or NOT always.I am free to make my own decisiobns.I believe honesty is a key in any type relsationship. Not bi by any means and I just love great looking men. And I'm not so bad either. Don't think. 40/25/38 Long light brown hair,natuaral curly, blue eyes. Want reality.Friends make love together so fine. Very good looking. How's that? Kind and thoughtful is nice. Sensitive to others feelings. Can accept an appology and forgive. Advice is good. You love loving, touhing, feeling and looking deep into my eyes. Men are very cool critters.....and warm too :)

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Looking for friend with benefits ... 38 year old Woman Looking for Women, Couples (man and woman) or Couples (2 women) Living in Santa Maria, California, United States

...intro title needs to be at least 2 sentences long. huh? 29 year old Woman Looking for Men Living in Santa Maria, California, United States.

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